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Are Electric Bikes Good for Touring

electric bicycle

An electric bike or e-bike is a bicycle with an electrical assist to help you when you need a bit more power. If you have avoided heading out on long bicycle tours because you were concerned about fatigue, muscle strain, or joint inflammation, an e-bike may be just what you need to get out on the trail.

Yes, Ebikes are Great for Touring!

Whatever bike it takes to get you out on the trail is the one that you should use. Depending on your

you may need a bike with a larger weight capacity. A bike with a bigger frame that is kinder to long legs is critical to your comfort, as is a seat that suits your comfort.

The more weight you have on the best cruiser bikes for women, the more pressure you are putting on 

Increasing the weight capacity of your bike is much easier prior to your purchase. Buy a bike with enough capacity to carry you and all the gear you’d need for a good long tour.

Additionally, make sure that the bike frame you choose has a step-thru space. If you plan to use a backpack as well as strapping gear to a carry bar, you are going to be a bit top heavy. Stepping through the frame will be much more comfortable (and safe) than swinging your leg over the back tire.

Factors That May Get in the Way

One of the biggest problems with electric bikes is that they cost a lot of money. Most popular models cost between $1500 and $4500, but you can still find decent e-bikes for less than $1000.

Ebikes need a battery, and that battery needs to be charged. If you’re tent camping while on your bicycle tour, you may struggle to find an outlet. If you let your battery get too low, it will lose any ability to hold a charge.

If you’re able to stop in a restaurant or coffee shop, you may do well to ask for a spot near an outlet so that you can charge the battery directly. If you can pick up a second bike battery, charging that one at the same time should not be a problem. 

If a second battery isn’t in the cards, check out the best portable charging bricks for your bike battery. Once you know the best portable charger to carry, you may be able to find a small solar panel you can clip to your backpack to charge up the brick.

If You Completely Drain the Battery

If you don’t get the chance to charge the battery and you completely empty it, pull it and ride your electric bike as you would any other. The battery assist will rapidly turn into a battery resist mechanism once the battery is completely drained.

Whenever possible, don’t push your battery until it’s completely drained. Even the best quality e-bike battery has a finite number of drains before it can’t hold a charge. If you know it’s low, stop and charge it up. If you don’t have access to power, pull the battery and power the bike with ordinary pedaling until you can find an outlet to charge up your battery.

Touring Accessories For Your Bike

If you have a stock of camping gear, you know how pleasing it can be to have just the right piece of equipment at your favorite camping spot. Bicycle touring gear is very similar in terms of benefits and specialization.

For a touring package, you will certainly need

Your touring lock will likely need to be even more secure than the lock that you use at home. Review the lock recommendations from your bike manufacturer to get the best lock for your frame and avoid dealing with loss and damage from theft and attempted theft.

Your e-bike will be a great partner as you plan out your bicycling route plan. Keeping your battery often charged, getting the best lock for your bike frame, and buying a bike that will easily haul you and your bike are key.            

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