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A Smart Traveler’s Guide To Explore Paris On A Budget



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Paris is one of the most popular global tourism destinations. It has something for everyone, from art and history lovers to adventure buffs, food lovers, and romantic people. While you must have the city on your bucket list, the budget can be a concern because prices here are on the higher side. However, you can see the best it offers without burning a hole in your wallet. There are plenty of ways you can save money during a Parisian holiday. Here is a simple guide for smart travellers looking to explore Paris on a budget.

Travel in off-season

The best way to start saving is by booking in the off-season. Although Paris is flooded all around the year, you can skip fashion weeks and mega-events to avoid the pricing surge. Hotel rates, airline tickets, and tourist attractions tend to cost more during these events. If you aren’t time-bound with the vacation, plan an off-season trip. It makes sense to hunt for deals and book in advance to save money.

Cut down commute costs

Paris is a relatively compact city, and you can access the main sights on foot by staying at a central place. The choice of accommodation, therefore, can go a long way in cutting down the commute expenses. Look for ones located near the Marais, Latin Quarter, Louvre, or the Eiffel Tower. You may have to pay a bit extra, but the savings on commute costs can go far beyond the hotel prices. Another good idea to cut down commute costs is by opting for public transport instead of taxi cabs. 

Save on accommodation 

Another option is to look for a hotel in a nearby suburb and commute by the Metro. You can save a considerable sum with the idea because there are plenty of inexpensive options worth trying. You can go the extra mile by opting for a basic hotel with smaller room sizes and without amenities like WiFi. Just make sure that the place maintains a good standard of hygiene. You can check out early on the last day and save a day’s rent. Leave your luggage at one of the reliable storage locations in paris and explore the city. There are plenty of ways to save, and you only need to be smart enough. 

Visit free attractions

Paris offers free-to-visit attractions such as the Musée d’Art Moderne, Maison de Victor Hugo, and Maison de Balzac. Besides these museums, the Louvre lets you visit for free on the first Sunday from October to March. Anyone under 26 can enter free on Friday. Most churches and parks have free entry. You can also find free and affordable concerts in Paris. Research your options, and check the best without spending anything. 

Save on entry tickets

Apart from the free options, you can also save on entry tickets on certain days and timings. For example, Musee d’Orsay offers discounts if you book two hours before closing time. You can also consider advance purchases and bulk buys to get discounts if travelling with a group. Consider buying a Museum Pass if you have a lot of attractions on your wishlist. You can get hefty discounts and skip long queues. 

Seeing Paris on a budget sounds like a big feat, but it is easier than you imagine. Just follow these tips, and you can have more for less! 

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