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8 Reasons Why Newcastle Should Not Be Missed Out When Visiting England

When it comes to visiting England, the first city most people think of is London, but there are many great cities beyond the nation’s capital. One of the best aspects of England is the incredible diversity evident in each city, with one of the best examples of this being Newcastle.

The crown jewel of the North East of England, Newcastle is a city offering a range of cultural and historical sights, not to mention being home to a famous nightlife scene, giving visitors plenty of reasons to check out this amazing city.
Here are eight reasons why Newcastle should not be missed out when visiting England:

1 – Nightlife

Newcastle’s nightlife is one of the best in the entire UK. The city has a massive selection of bars, pubs, and clubs that are the perfect place to enjoy a night out. Better still, the fact that Newcastle is a relatively small city means most of the nightlife is found in the same area, making it easy to walk from one destination to the next!

Whether you want to visit a quintessential English pub or hit a live music venue to check out the local music, Newcastle’s nightlife as something for everyone. The city has also become an increasingly popular choice for stag and hen parties. Some weekends will see several hundred different stag and hen groups descend upon Newcastle to celebrate a memorable night for a bride or groom-to-be, according to this interactive tool by Last Night of Freedom.

If you want to add gambling to your night out, there are loads of options ranging from casino to the Newcastle Racecourse. People often start at the racecourse before playing casino later on. This can be done at one of the local casinos in the city center, but many are also going online too. This is much more convenient as you can quickly play loads of games at one of the top 20 online casinos UK by using your mobile.

2 – Famous Landmarks

Newcastle has a wide range of historical and modern landmarks well worth visiting.
As the city sits on the banks of the River Tyne, there have been several bridges developed close to Newcastle City centre and the surrounding area. These include the famous Tyne Bridge and Millennium Bridge, which make up two of seven bridges found within a mile radius of the city.

Two of Newcastle’s famous bridges – The Millennium Bridge (forefront) and the Tyne Bridge (background)

Other notable landmarks nearby include the Angel of the North (a contemporary 20m sculpture of an angel with a 54m wingspan), Newcastle Castle, and St Nicholas’ Cathedral.

3 – Cultural Delights

Newcastle features an abundance of cultural delights that are sure to impress visitors to the city. With several museums, galleries and historic buildings, there is no shortage of cultural offerings in Newcastle.

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art is situated on the banks of the River Tyne and showcases a wide range of contemporary art exhibits, whilst the Hancock Museum houses various artefacts, including ancient fossils that were found at the nearby Hadrian’s Wall.

4 – Food

If you love a good bite to eat then you won’t be disappointed by some of the culinary offerings available in Newcastle. The city has a huge range of restaurants, cafes, and pubs that serve all manners of cuisine.

Whether you want a taste of the local fare, international cuisine, or a bit of both, the many restaurants throughout Newcastle have food to suit all tastes and preferences. Again, the city doesn’t take too long to navigate, making it easy to walk around and check out plenty of different eateries before making your choice.

5 – Quayside Sunday Market

The Quayside is a must-see area of Newcastle for anyone visiting the city. Once home to Newcastle’s thriving industrial and commercial dockside area, the waterfront has since been redeveloped into a modern tourist attraction littered with bars, restaurants, cafes and small independent shops.

One of the best times to visit the Quayside is on Sunday, when you will find the weekly Quayside Market. Here, vendors sell all types of local produce, while many designers and artists sell handcrafted trinkets that make for a great keepsake. It’s a thriving cultural hub on a Sunday and should not be skipped during a visit to Newcastle!

6 – Natural Beauty

Visiting Newcastle doesn’t mean spending all your time in the city, as there are many beautiful spots of nature worth visiting outside the city, including Jesmond Dene. The park is free to explore and you can expect to come across all kinds of beautiful plants and wildlife throughout the area.

Northumberland is found beyond Newcastle and is arguably one of the most attractive counties in England. Home to the historical Hadrian’s Wall and various medieval castles, the rolling fields and beautiful beaches of Northumberland make it a great place for a day trip for those visiting Newcastle.

7 – Amazing Architecture

Buildings developed during many different time periods nestle in the streets of Newcastle, from examples of modern installations across the redeveloped waterfront to monuments that were built centuries ago during the city’s earlier days.

Newcastle’s has an abundance of beautiful buildings throughout the city

Grey Street is perhaps the best place to see the diverse range of architecture in Newcastle. Located at the heart of the city, the buildings spanning the length of the street date from the 1830s, almost half of which have been identified as being historically and architecturally important – it has even been referred to as the best street in Britain.

8 – Nearby Beaches

Not everyone realises how many great beaches can be found in the North East of England. Many of them become very popular during the summer months, with Longsands and King Edward’s Bay recently receiving rewards for their clean environment and quality facilities.

These are a just a few of the many attractive beaches found in and around Newcastle, so be sure to take note if visiting during the summer. During the winter months, the temperature up North can be cold to say the least, but a visit to the coastal area surrounding Newcastle should be considered no matter what time of year it is.

So there we have it, 8 reasons to consider visiting Newcastle next time you travel to the UK – although there are many more that could easily make an extended list. If you do decide to visit this fine city, a good source of information regarding things to do and see in Newcastle is the Newcastle Uncovered website, so be sure to check that out for some more inspiration.
Any discerning traveller should always be looking to explore outside the capital city when visiting a country and this should definitely be the case when making a trip to England.
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