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7 Stunning Hidden Beaches In Ohope That You Need To Know

Ohope beach is very beautiful and appealing to the eyes of many visitors. Whenever someone comes to the place, he never wants to go back quickly. He will surely love to stay there for a while. Maybe, a couple will be planning to establish a beach house for their monthly visit. If you have experienced it, your beach pictures might be the best pictures of 2021. I8f you have not visited the place, you should make a budget for a grea trip. Married couples can give it a priority in their honeymoon list.

1. Ninety Mile Beach

This beach act as a highway which is the best for the riders. The rides will be available to enjoy the waves coming around you. It might be expensive. Yet the experience is worthwhile to capture the scene in your memories.

2. Kaiteriteri Beach

It is more like a sandy beach. If you have children in your family, plan a family trip there. It is a fun and lovable place to give children a great experience. Children will enhance their skills while building a beautiful castle or a car with sand. Such activities are good for mental sharpness.

3. Papamoa Beach

Here comes a classical place for a great photoshoot. A filmmaker should visit this place for giving their audience magnificent backgrounds. The background is very important to enhance the level of profit from a movie. Otherwise, only acting cannot capture audience traffic within a short time.

4.  Hot Water Beach

People facing depression are highly recommended to visit this place with wholesome. You would not believe it, but it is true that it ultimately affects human thinking. The atmosphere there is a very warm welcome for new visitors. The calm people around you will surely give you good vibes.

5.  Piha Beach

Black color is favorite for every human in the entire world. It seems tractive in nature as well as artificial stuff present in the market. You should never miss the chance if some of your closest friendsare planning to visit that beach. The black sand will attract you in such a way that you will feel it as a rare beauty in the world. You can swim there with caution because you never know the frequency of waves coming towards you. 

6.  Whangamata Beach

The golden beach with the warm rays of the sun seems attractive to surfers. You can visit for a sun-kissed. Some people love to have a tan on their bodies. If you are one of them, that beach will definitely give you a tanning color. 

7. Aramoana Beach

A tiny beach with lots of greenery around the beach makes it a fascinating place. Maybe you will observe the mischievous acts of monkeys around you. The water waves around the beach will give you positive vibes while walking through the coast. Have you tried it? If not, give it a chance for the best experience in your travel diaries.

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