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7 Handy Gadgets to have for any Camping Trip.

wellness vacation

wellness vacation

Camping is one of the many joys that life can bring the world. An excuse to get away from your regular life and take stock of what is really important. It is relaxing and can be a great amount of fun. However, whilst it often sounds romantic, camping is not the easiest thing to do for most people especially with all of the creature comforts that you like to have on a day-to-day basis

Fear not though as there are plenty of gadgets that have been created, especially with this in mind. Whether it is extra lighting or just a camp stove, these are ten handy gadgets that you can use on any of your camping trips.

Water Filters

Having access to fresh water that you can drink, wash in and cook with is not something that comes straight to mind when planning your camping trip. It should be. There is nothing worse than being out in the wilderness with no access to clean and fresh water. You could always go ahead and buy ridiculous amounts of bottled water, but this will only increase your luggage and may even run out. 

You should invest in a water filter. They are often light, easily portable, and reasonably cheap. Some are super effective, removing 99.999% of contaminants from any water source. Portable water can often mean the difference between a leisurely camping trip with plenty of access to water and no stress or a difficult and arduous journey. 

A power source

Many would like to believe that they could just up sticks and go live in the wild. Give up their addiction to technology and return to the wilderness. However, this is very rarely the case. It may be good for a couple of days but after that, it may be useful to have some device that can get in contact with the outside world or organize a lift home. For this, you will need some portable power.

There are plenty of options out there just now ranging from portable power generators to the smaller and more compact power banks. Unless you are planning on fully moving to the wild, it may be useful to be able to charge your mobile devices.  


The ability to start a fire is an essential skill to have before committing to any camping trip. This will not only keep the wild beasts of nature away but can provide you with heat and light for your campsite. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it looks to start a fire as it is in the films. 

Having a set of firelighters on you is incredibly useful. These can be little combustible blocks that generate fire able to burn most wood or a lighter implement that can focus the power of a disposable lighter and increase their lifespan. Never expensive but always useful, a firelighter is certainly a gadget worth investing in. 

Headlamps and lanterns

Even after you have got the fire started and going, there will be a point when you want to crawl inside your tent and go to sleep. When you do this, the fire will die. Unfortunately, your need to relieve yourself will not. Having access to a headlamp can make sure that you can find a nice quiet area to expel your waste without rousing the rest of the camp. 

One thing to make sure of with the headlamps though is that they should be sturdy. There can be nothing worse than bringing a defunct headlamp to the camp that fails when you need it the most. 

Solar panel chargers

It may come as no surprise to you that there are no outlets in nature. If you want to keep your gadgets charged and alive then you will need to have one that can charge your equipment. Fortunately, the clever people in the world have created solar-panelled charging devices. These can range from smaller ones that have enough juice for phones and torches to larger ones for more high-power gadgets. 

The sun may not always be with you, but this gadget can be, and it will make sure that you keep power wherever you go. 

Camp Stoves

No camping trip is completed without a meal cooked over a campfire. Though this can be hard to achieve or enjoy when using the basics. More recently there has been a trend to bring more high-tech camp stoves into the wild. Some can even control the heat and spread of the flame to ensure that you get an even spread of heat to all of your food. 

These can be costly but are well worth it. Some are even powered by wood-burning and renewable biomass technology meaning that you are even saving the planet when you camp. 

The Pocket Blanket

Not all camping gadgets have to be high-tech and full of modern-day technology. Something as simple as a blanket that can fold up to a tiny size can revolutionize even the toughest camping days. Adding an extra layer to your sleeping setup is always handy, especially if you are going camping for a long time. You can’t get a guarantee for the weather, but your trusty pocket blanket will always be there for you.

It is worth investing in one of these if you are going to buy one. Get one that is water repellent and puncture resistant. It can be used in every activity from camping to cycling to picnics and trips to the beach. Something so simple is worth having in your kit. 

Camping Gadgets

One of the main drawbacks for those who are not well versed in the camping lifestyle is the thought of having to give up several of their home comforts. These gadgets, however, prove that this is not the case. You can still enjoy the wonders of nature without sacrificing everything you enjoy. Though it may be worth stepping away from your technology now and again!

Top Camping Tip | Prepare meals in advance

Not only can you plan meals in advance, but you can prepare them early, too! If you plan to stay healthy while camping, preparing meals in advance can save you time and offer ready-to-go options when you need to cook for the family after a long and tiring day of activities. 

After a tiring day of paddling on the campground lake or hiking all the trails on the map, the last thing you want to do is come back to the site and scarf down junk food. Instead, when you have something prepared and a meal plan, you can return to camp knowing your meal is ready and waiting. Maybe you have to mix it together and fry up a few things, but it’s essentially there. Take a look at this article from Proper Good for more tips

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