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6 Criteria to Choose the Right Hotel.

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Choosing a hotel is one of the most essential things to do before you go on a journey. Yet, people pay attention to different aspects while looking for the right place. Some look if there is Wi-Fi for playing at the trusted online casino Canada, others need the hotel to be close to the sea. Yet, it’s essential to pay attention to all these criteria. Keep reading to discover them:


Before choosing and searching for a hotel, ask yourself what you want from the accommodation and what your budget is. Are you comfortable in a multi-story hotel, how far is public transportation from the hotel, and how important are first-rate hotel services to you? Does it make sense for you to overpay for a spa and fitness center, or are you willing to stay in a small budget hotel but with plenty of local charm? Once you’ve identified your top priorities when choosing a hotel, start a more focused search.


If the hotel doesn’t have its own website so you can view the location and surrounding scenery firsthand, use Google Maps. You can use these resources to check or double-check information provided by the hotel itself or your tour operator regarding the hotel’s location in relation to local attractions and other things that are important to you. Good old-fashioned guidebooks are another useful source for finding hotels in your desired location.


When choosing a hotel for your vacation, try to pay attention to other various little things that we usually forget. Find out if the hotel has extra charges, what the total room size is, if parking is available, if they have 24-hour reception, if pets are allowed in the hotel, etc. If you’re planning a relaxing family vacation or a romantic trip, be sure to check for noise factors (busy streets, nearby places of mass entertainment, etc.).

Trust but Verify

Always check reviews from visitors to hotel booking sites such as and These sites will tell you the truth about how friendly the hotel staff is, how clean the rooms are, and whether the Wi-Fi in the rooms really works. Many similar sites allow users to post photos of their hotel, which are usually more realistic and less glamorous than the professional shots you’ll see on the hotel’s own website.

Pricing and Reservations

Use the booking mechanisms offered directly by the hotel itself. Almost all of our major foreign and domestic hotels have the ability to make reservations on their website or by making a simple phone call. With this method you can save significantly, rather than use the services of intermediaries, or try to take the chance to pay the hotel immediately upon check-in. Most reputable hotels guarantee you the lowest rate at direct booking.

Loyalty Programs

If you often travel or plan to stay in one and the same place, be sure to find out from the hotel if it has a special loyalty program for regular customers. Hotels have interesting bonus programs with airlines, chain stores, the entertainment industry, etc. Not only can you earn bonuses for future stays at the hotel, but you can also accumulate loyalty points, which you can then use for shopping, car rentals, entertainment and other trips.

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