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6 Best Things to Do in Benidorm (Spain)

Guest Contribution

If your idea of a perfect vacation is many hours of beach, good weather, first-class family attractions and a wild nightlife, then Benidorm, Spain has to be at the top of your list, you should enjoy your Holidays to Benidorm with Voyage Privé, their experts of travel will guide you and provide you with the best worldwide luxury travel.

The number of activities on offer will make your head spin, be it golf, go-karting, paintball, water sports or mountain walks. You have a week or two full of action under the sun or a lazy pause doing almost nothing. The little ones will also love the theme parks and the heavyweight water attractions right next to the resort.

Let’s Take A look at the Best Things to Do in Benidorm:

1. Alicante

The capital of the province is close enough to make an excursion in the morning or afternoon, and can even be reached by the L1 of the Alicante tram. There is a little more history in this city, and none of them is more striking than the medieval castle of Santa Barbara.

2. Poniente Beach

The beach next to Levante has a very different atmosphere; Although there is the same strip of towers, most of the station is far to the east.

Westeros is generally quieter and more family-oriented. This beach has received a great investment in recent years, with a network of promenades that make it accessible to wheelchair users.

They will deviate from the road every 30 meters or so and save a hot and exhausting ride to the water. As with the Levante, the waves in Poniente are moderate, but less safe swimmers should avoid wading too far since underwater currents can be quite strong.

3. Mundomar

Wildlife parks with shows and demonstrations may not be liked by everyone, but Mundomar is quite modern and offers large enclosures for its wealth of marine animals and birds.

Coaches and caregivers also seem to have a relationship with these dolphins and sea lions, as you will see during regular shows that children will surely love. You can also approach otters, penguins and a variety of primates and birds in the park’s zoo. Book in advance for special experiences such as meeting dolphins face to face or swimming with sea lions.

4. Puig Bell

The town of Finestrat is 15 minutes away by car, and here you can get detailed information on the best way to ascend to one of the highest and most emblematic peaks in the region.

Visit the tourist office to get maps of the trails, make sure people know that you are going to try climbing, and then you can go on your way. You will not need more than clothes, food, water and a telephone to climb the 1,406 meters to the top.

As we move forward, we find a scarce, almost lunar, stony landscape and with strange thickets of pine and junipers. You will know why you did it when you reach one of the two peaks since the view towards Benidorm makes the station’s skyscrapers look like a row of dominoes.

5. Aqualandia

Next to Mundomar is one of the oldest and best water parks in Spain, which opened in 1985. It continues to grow and new attractions and amusements are added almost every season.

Some of them can break records, such as the Big Bang, the tallest water slide in Europe, while the new Vertigo causes runners to jump into the pool at 100 km / h.

The water for all these slides, swimming pools and hot tubs is channeled directly from the Mediterranean, after a bit of desalination, of course. The Aqualandia wave pool is gigantic, with enough space for thousands of swimmers at a time. It is one of the best days in Benidorm for children who want a little more excitement.

6. Sierra Frost

For all the urban character of Benidorm there is a large natural park that covers a large part of the coast right next to it. In a matter of minutes, you can leave scraping towers behind scraping cliffs.

All you need is a good pair of shoes, a hat and some water and you are ready for a hike through a steep landscape of limestone rocks and Carrasco pines. At the north end, there is a paved road that goes up to the Albir lighthouse. More challenging is the walk to the radio masts at the highest point of the park, 300 meters above sea level. For more details, our experts are here to help you with reliable and responsive customer service. Send us an email, we will always try to reply within 48 hours, you can also call us to make a new booking in just one click with Voyage Privé.

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