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5 Things You Need to Pack When Travelling With Kids

Traveling can be pretty stressful by itself, but when you add kids into the mix, things can start getting chaotic. Keeping the kids entertained during the journey and remembering everything you need gets overwhelming, but luckily, this helpful guide can tell you about the five main things you shouldn’t forget to pack. Once you know the essentials, deciding what else you want to pack becomes a lot easier.


They’re easy to lose and forget, but you really must pack some sunglasses for everyone in the family. Sunglasses are crucial for eye health when it’s sunny, as UV rays can cause a lot of damage and even vision problems later in life if you get too much exposure over time. Remember to teach your kids about the importance of sunglasses and make sure they actually wear them.

Since your kids may end up losing or damaging their sunglasses, it’s probably a good idea to not buy expensive brands. However, you may want to reach for authentic Oakley prescription sunglasses yourself, so check out what’s available at


Of course, UV rays are also very damaging to your skin. Children’s skin is particularly sensitive to the sun, so if you want to protect your kids from sunburns and other skin damage, you should always pack plenty of sunscreen. Make sure you choose a sunscreen that’s broad-spectrum (protects against UVA and UVB rays) and at least SPF 30 to get maximum protection. However, if your kids do still get sunburnt, you can use soothing aloe vera gel on the burns to make them feel better.


Children and long journeys don’t go well together. To stop your kids from getting bored and restless (and potentially bothering other people around you), remember to keep some toys with you in a small bag for the plane/train/car journey. You could bring stuffed toys, a small puzzle, children’s books, or even an iPad with some headphones. This will keep your kids happy and therefore keep you happy! 


One of the most important things to remember (along with everyone’s passports) is any medication that your family needs. In addition, you could bring a small first aid kit with wipes and band-aids to deal with any issues that arise. Keeping the medication and band-aids with you in a small bag will be extremely helpful.

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are fantastic for organizing and compressing all of the clothes you need to take on vacation, helping you save space and pack lighter. By labeling your packing cubes, you can have separate cubes for everyone in the family or different cubes for different clothing categories like underwear and shirts. Overall, these cubes will make packing much easier and more organized, making it harder for you to forget any essential items.

Traveling with kids can be a very stressful experience if you don’t pack everything you need. Make sure you bring sunglasses, sunscreen, toys, and medication next time you travel with your kids, and remember to use packing cubes to make the whole process easier.

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