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5 Things to Discover at The Valley of Flowers – Dzükou Valley

Photo by Alosh Bennett, CC BY 2.0

There is one scene in every romcom Bollywood movie or typical song you remember where the lead actors dance in some field or valley filled with flowers and mountains. Even when you picture or hear the phrase “Valley of Flowers”, your vivid imagination goes into overdrive and you dream about the great environments and nowadays, a social media post, which is quite a bummer. Anyways, adding to the mystical beauty of the seven sister states, there is a place that will exceed your expectations in every way. It is called the Dzükou Valley and also known as the Valley of Flowers. Situated near the bordering regions of Nagaland and Manipur, words aren’t enough to describe how incredible this place is. So no more further ramblings and let’s dive into five things you can discover or explore and do at the Dzükou Valley and the surrounding areas.

1. The Heritage Experience

Before arriving at the Dzükou Valley, you’ll arrive in Kohima which is the capital city of Nagaland. And you should explore the Kohima city for some time and get a feel of the local vibe. A trip to the Kisama Heritage Village is recommended as it is a fascinating and an eye opening experience. The culture and heritage of the Naga people which are the denizens of this place is alive and well preserved. You can see that for yourself if you are lucky enough to be here in the time period when the Hornbill Festival is organized.

Now after exploring Kohima we move to the Valley as there are two bases from where the journey begins to the most spectacular sights you will ever see.

2. The Green Paradise

The hills in the Valley are alive with the life force that is the lush cover of Greens all around them. Green is the color you will see as far as your eyes allow as it is omnipresent. You remember the Kindergarten drawings we used to do where the sky was colored blue and the gardens or the hills were colored green? This place is personifying that. You will be amazed at the extent to which you can wavy, rich grass cover over the hill mounds. During the trek, the trails are clear and on a sunny day after it has rained, it is just picture perfect.

3. The Flowers Of The Valley

Leaving out flowers from the valley will be as if the oxygen was removed from the air. The seasonal varieties of flowers that blossom here and give the place it’s very essential and charming allure are the major draws. There are also rare species found here which are indigenous to only the Valley. One such flower which you should look for is the Dzükou Lily which is Pink in color with a darker shade. It is exquisite to say the least. There are Lily trails for you to explore after your descent once you reach the valley.

4. The Winding Waters

While on your trek, you’ll come across little winding streams of water passing through the hills of the valleys and the gardens. The natural streams appear as if somebody painted them on the canvas of the valley with a brush. Complementing the dense natural presence, the crystal clear waters are another beautiful feature of the valley. The water is pristine and chilly and the streams convert to solid ice in the winter seasons due to the temperate climates. The River Dzükou is perfect for stopping for a while and taking it all in.

5. Camping and Bird Watching

When visiting the Valley, the nature is the star or the main draw here. With the Valley being the perfect ecosystem, do not miss you binoculars as there are some incredible places and trails for bird watching. And the Camping experience is a must have as you won’t find a better place to spend the night under the stars. As you look out of your tent in the morning, you will be greeted by the best view and the best morning sun you’ve ever seen. Fair warning though as the nights can be very chilly so pack accordingly and pay heed to the weather conditions.

Getting here, you first reach Dimapur And you should visit Dimapur which is connected to the rest of the country through rail and air. After that, you need to get to Kohima from where you get a Cab to the base villages depending on your route. Do explore Kohima though as it is very pleasing and gorgeous. Take care of the permits you might need, keep exercising for the long trek that awaits you and be blown away by the stunning and dazzling charm of the “Valley of Flowers”.

Author Bio:

Rohit the author writes for Trans India Travels  to share his passion of exploring the globe with others.

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