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34 Images of Iceland that will take your breath away

2016 is the year to visit Iceland and if these photographs don’t convince you head to the hauntingly beautiful Nordic country, then nothing else will. Book your tickets before the crowds get there!

The curtain is slowly closing out on 2015 and with 3/4’s of it already gone, it’s time for us to start thinking about next year. What adventures await? Where will we plan to go? How about experiencing something completely different?

I don’t know about you but after seeing these images my questions have been answered: Iceland. That’s the stamp I want in my passport for 2016.

1. The Fortress of Solitude, One of Many Ice Caves In Iceland

2. Faxafoss Waterfall At Night

3. Gullfoss Waterfall

4. The Westfjords of Iceland

5. Life beside the lakes

6. Icelandic Horses and Hekla volcano (in background.)

7. The Holuhraun volcano eruption, as seen from the air.

8. Grotta Lighthouse, Reykjavik

9. Aurora over Iceland

10. Brunnhorn Frozen

11. Lonely Elephant, Hvítserkur rock

12, The Northern Lights

13. Dettifoss waterfall

14. Gullfoss, or “golden falls.”

15. Seljalandsfoss

16. Vestrahorn

17. Kirkjufell Frozen

18. Aurora over Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

19. Ice Cave

20. Reynisfjara Black Beach

21. Strokkur. One of Iceland’s famous fountain geysers.

22. Jökulsárlón Beach

23. Goðafoss in Winter

24. Jökulsárlón Beach

25. Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

26. Vestrahorn

27. Fjallsjokull

28. Fjallsjokull 

29. Aurora Borealis

30. Aurora over Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

31. Coastal Gate Londrangar

32. Gullfoss

33. Kirkjufell Thawing

34. The Goðafoss – Waterfall of the Gods


I’ll give you a moment to recover.

Want more?

You know you do. Head over to the photographer Iurie Belegurschi’s  website, Facebook Page or Flickr Account. This guy is a master and an inspiration behind the camera and he’s got a huge passion for Iceland.

Also, if these pics have inspired you to visit Iceland next then head over to Guide to Iceland, for ideas about things to do and destinations to visit once you get there. 

And if it’s northern lights you are focusing on and aiming to get the most breathtaking shots, this free guide is for you. Whether it is being patient, wearing warm clothes, or checking aurora apps, among other things, learn from the experts on how to photograph the northern lights and best places and optimal conditions to spot them.

All images use on this article are owned and are fully copyrighted by Iurie Belegurschi.

Our Plan: Road tripping Iceland.

Lauren and I recently went on a road trip through Bali and we really enjoyed it so I can’t think of a better way to explore Iceland than to find a car rental place and just take our time going from one Icelandic town to the next over the course of a few weeks.

I’m not sure how keen Laur is on the cold, but after two years in Malaysia a little bit of cold is sounding pretty good to me.

Have you or has anyone you know been on an Icelandic road trip? We’d love to get some more ideas of where to go, what some of the “must do’s /see’s” are.

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