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2018 ASUS ZenBook 13 (UX333) Review

Best office ever!

Before we get into this review, let me just state upfront that this isn’t an exhaustive “technical” review. We are tech-savvy travel bloggers and I’ll be sharing on how the Asus has fit into our lifestyle, what our needs are and how we use laptop’s in conjunction with our other devices to fill those needs. 

I’ll, of course, be mentioning specs that are relevant, but if you’re looking for more hardcore, spec-heavy info I’d recommend visiting either the official Asus website, or finding another review elsewhere, like these on Youtube

Let’s get started! 

So, as mentioned earlier, we’re tech-savvy travel bloggers and our personal computing needs have shifted over the years depending on our focus. We generally use laptops to:

As you can see, our needs are relatively minor, and actually, other than our processing requirements for photo and video editing, we don’t need a laptop with a ton of power. But we do need enough power to complete those tasks. 

So what do we look for in a laptop? 

How has the ZenBook 13 fared? 

Using the 2018 Asus Zenbook 13 at a coffee shop.

Firstly, we LOVE this little machine. And we use Macbook’s. So right off the cuff, that says a lot. The Zenbook 13 is so much more portable than our MacBook Air 13. What Asus have done to get those bezels so slim (Asus calls them “Nano Edge and Ultraslim”) is crazy. The screen itself is gorgeous and has a 95% screen to body ratio. It’s very, very sexy. 

In fact, the Zenbook is so small it’s size is comparable to an A4 sheet of paper! And it’s got the looks too. The Zenbook 13 very well designed. Ours is deep blue with rose gold trimmings. Adding to it’s portability is it’s weight. The whole thing weighs in at just 1.09kg so forget a backpack – you can slide straight into a handbag or similar. For our needs, this machine, paired with a mirrorless camera reduces our “tech” bag size by more than 50%! 

So it’s portable as hell. It’s their most compact laptop ever. 

Connectivity and ports. 

The Zenbook 13 has all the usual connectivity standards and we had no issues with it at all, and we love the port options which include: 

I would have preferred an ordinary SD card reader, but at least it has one. Another pretty great feature which i’ll add under “ports” is that Asus have managed to turn the touch pad into a number pad! Usually you’d have to buy an external numpad and use up a USB port but they have built it right it. This is extremely useful for people who use Excel often or who need to calculate quickly. 

Another feature which is great is the 3D IR camera which allows you to login into the laptop with your face! It’s a feature that’s become very popular on mobile phones lately and it’s great to see it in laptops too. 


We found the Zenbook very capable of handling Adobe Lightroom, and for most people, that’s the only editing program you’ll really need. I didn’t have time to test out Premiere Pro or Photoshop, but i’m sure the Intel i7 Whiskey Lake processor is powerful enough to run these applications. 

Battery Life. 

Perfect. Very suitable for our needs. I didn’t do extensive testing of this but Asus says it lasts for up to 14 hours. If it gets only half of that in real life use, then it’s still very very good. 


I love the fact that the keyboard has a backlight, that the speakers sound decent and that the screen is really high quality. These little touches make all the difference. Apple MacBooks have mastered these little features a while ago and it’s great to see Windows powered laptops coming to the party too. Another thing worth mentioning is the incredible storage. These Zenbook’s range from 256 GB to 1 TB of SSD storage. And storage is something I miss! 


If you are a windows user looking for an extremely capable laptop, then the Asus Zenbook range is a no-brainer. They offer this laptop in 13 / 14 and 15 inch variations, so there is something for every need. 

I really enjoyed using the machine for the short time that we had it and was pleasantly surprised, if not totally blown away by how good the Asus Zenbook has gotten. For bloggers and people on the move, like us, this laptop really shapes up well.

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